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“Top-notch service!

I learned about this service from friends, and honestly, I don’t regret it. Savings, attentive support – I can’t wait for them to offer new services (like Prime Video, etc.). A very positive experience!”


“Super convenient. Customer service is very responsive and professional!”


“Truly an excellent service! The interface is user-friendly and everything is explained very clearly. Keeping the same accounts and paying less by consolidating into a single payment, and being able to manage everything from the ADL page, the idea is brilliant, and the assistance for account setup and support is great! Thank you very much!”


The Blog: Our Tips and Solutions for Efficiently Reducing Your Expenses

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At AllDamnLife, it’s all about flexibility! You can cancel at any time. 90% of the subscriptions are commitment-free. Plus, you can upgrade or adjust your package at any time!

The only exceptions are Disney Plus, which has a 12-month commitment, and Netflix, which has a 2-month commitment.

Absolutely! We adhere to 3DS standards for payment, and we work with Paygreen for seamless online payment integration.

You can share access to your AllDamnLife account with a loved one, no problem. And for some partners, you can also share your account!

For 90% of the services, upgrading your subscription to a more economical option is possible.

However, for Disney Plus, the discount only applies to new accounts. So, for Disney+, you will need to create a new account.

After subscribing without commitment to premium services on AllDamnLife, you will receive a code to activate on the partner service.

Then, every month, your AllDamnLife subscription will renew (with secure payment), and you will receive codes to activate on partner services.

This way, you’re no longer paying the service directly; instead, you’re purchasing an activation code with AllDamnLife.

This enables you to pay a reduced rate to AllDamnLife and enjoy services like Deezer, Coachclub, Spotify, Netflix, etc., at a discounted price.

We’ve negotiated contracts with publishers like Deezer, Netflix, Spotify, Disney Plus, etc. for bulk purchase of activation codes.

By purchasing a hundred or more activation codes from them, we’re granted a discount ranging from 10 to 20%. This enables us to offer you the subscription at a 5 to 10% lower cost.

We also have an agreement with them to sell subscriptions at a lower price as long as we don’t sell them individually, to avoid unfair competition. That’s why on AllDamnLife, you’re required to subscribe to at least two services.

We are required to ask for your credit card to verify that you reside in a country available in AllDamnLife.

Indeed, for subscriptions like Netflix, Disney Plus, etc., you need to reside in a available territory to enjoy the subscription.

If you have a code for a free month, rest assured that no charges will be applied, and you can cancel your commitment at any time.